Happy to assist with all your material needs and production support, AFI Global makes it a point to employ
more services than other suppliers. We take a comprehensive approach to additive concentrate formulation and supply,
helping ease the pressures of projects and getting everything in order to complete a project effectively.

Whether your company specializes in large format extrusions, injection molding, or finishing products, we have
the products and the knowledge to get you what you need.

Additives in Stock
  • Chemical Foaming Agents
  • Odor Neutralizers
  • Processing Aids
  • Fragrances
  • In house Formulation
  • In house Compounding
  • Material inventory control
  • Custom formulations
  • Full testing lab
The Custom Formulation Movement

More and more, manufacturers are taking into account the advantages of custom formulated concentrates for their production and product innovation.
Custom formulation gives unique solutions to complex manufacturing challenges, creating a top performing and unique finished product that is not easily duplicated by competing brands looking to knock off your products,
the end result and payoff more than makes up for the time and expenditures.